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An atmosphere where pain-free treatment and maximizing comfort is the top priority.

Our Promise.

At Sacred Heart we promise to care and uphold the dignity and integrity of your loved ones while receiving the best care possible. 


Sacred Heart Hospice, Inc.'s mission is to provide individualized and ethical care to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of every patient in the last phase of life. We reflect a spirit and philosophy of caring that emphasizes comfort and dignity for the patient.

Our team members respect and respond to the unique needs of patient, family, values and wishes.

Our agency covers these services when they are needed to care for your illness and related condition(s):

Doctor Services

Physician visits to your home are made when the hospice team determines visits to be medically necessary. Sacred Heart Hospice, Inc. physician works as part of the hospice team to coordinate and monitor your care. Our physicians work with the patient’s physician and are also available for pain and symptom management consultation as well as to make house calls as needed.

Nursing Care

Nursing services are provided by or under the supervision of a registered nurse. Nursing services include monitoring patient's response to pain and symptom control methods and provide education and support about the patient's illness and what to expect. They provide education and support about the patient's illness and what to expect. They are trained caregivers who provide hands-on care.

Aide and Homemaker Services

Certified Home Health Aides are available to help with personal care, such as bathing or dental and mouth care, and can help with light cleaning, housekeeping, light laundry, heating meals and short errands.

Therapist Services

Social Worker Services

​​Medical Social Workers provide therapeutic and spiritual counseling and support related to the impact of dealing with a terminal illness and also assist with referrals to community and other resources. They also provide emotional support and help with problem solving, financial issues and planning.

Dietary Counseling

Grief /Loss Counseling for you and your Family

We provide grief and loss counseling, memorial services and other support for family and loved ones. Continued contact and support for families and caregivers are provided for at least a year following the patient's passing.

Short-term Inpatient Care

Short-term Respite Care

·   Any other Medicare-covered services needed to manage your pain and other symptoms related to your terminal illness, as recommended by your team.

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